Apple Employees Claim Their Employer Doesn’t Respect Their Privacy

Apple has been making a lot of waves recently by trying to promote itself as a champion of the rights of its users because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up giving it an edge over its competitors. However, it is important to note that this privacy protection might not be for everyone, and Apple’s own employees in particular tend to feel like their employer does not have their best interests at heart at least as far as privacy is concerned, as reported by TheVerge.

Apple employees are asked to link their Apple IDs to their work laptops, and this creates a massive privacy hurdle. When employees leave the company for whatever reason, they are asked to hand their laptop over and are not given a chance to wipe the hard drive. This is something that would result in their personal data ending up in the wrong hands since there is no way to make sure that personal documents and messages don’t end up on the work laptop since their Apple ID is directly connected to it.

While it is admirable that Apple is working hard to protect the privacy of its users, it is also essential that the company starts to look inwards. It is understandable that the high level executives at Apple would want to find a way to apprehend anyone that might be trying to run off with their intellectual property, but forcing employees to hand over potentially sensitive information is not something that takes their privacy needs into account. Apple needs to change how it treats its employees otherwise its claims to being an advocate for user privacy is going to ring out hollow and might seem rather trite to people that find out about this type of behavior within the company.

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