Twitter is putting more effort to tackle distorted information on its platform as it is testing a new feature to report the deceptive tweet

Twitter has increased its efforts to confront the distorted information on its platform regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. Many social media platforms have been accused by the Govt, officials, regulators, and experts of disseminating deceptive info that can put people in danger. According to Twitter Safety team, the social network is now working on a new feature that will allow users to report misleading info on tweets if they think that specific tweet is spreading incorrect information. The platform has further announced that some users in America, South Korea, and Australia will be able to use this option even from this week. It is hoped that this option will help to reduce this misleading info up to the great extent.

After the availability of this option to all users, they will see the new inclusion of “This is misleading” in the report tools. It will offer an extra selection to flag regarding assertions. Users have started noticing the new feature while reporting the tweets. By clicking on the 3-dot menu option, you will be able to flag the suspicious tweet in Pollical, Health, or Something else category. This will give people more aptitude to deal with the ambiguous info on the platform. Still, people should not assume anything because of this inclusion as this restricted test will not lead to any straight action on misleading tweets, as per the statement of the platform.

The platform further stated that they cannot take action on every report, but the contribution of people will assist the platform to classify tendencies so that will help the platform to improve the dialogue and measure of misleading info work. Social media platforms have been increasingly under pressure for taking actions to restrict the spread of political and health-related misinformation and Twitter has increased its exertions especially during the election campaigns. Twitter started blocking people from its platform after they were reported five times for dissemination of fake information regarding the corona vaccine.

It looks like Twitter is following the footsteps of Facebook that has also allowed its users to report false info related to health, politics, and other sensitive issues after some harsh comments by President Joe Biden that Facebook is killing people. Twitter will not respond grounded on the number of reports on the identical tweet; instead, it will assist the company to advance the course of tweets and further platform will ascertain that what categories of tweets people do not want to read. This latest option is somewhat similar to BirdWatch feature that comprises providing extra summaries on tweets that are suspicious.

Screenshot: @Redpainter1.

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