TikTok issues a guide for parents to tone down the risks of potential bullying on its platform

TikTok has gained quite a name in the past months however, while the application is a great place to pass time with its entertaining content and also a platform for users to express themselves through their videos, it has some downsides to it as well and one such con on the platform is the bullying the younger users face.

However, while children can always seek help from their parents in such matters, most of the time they are either too afraid to tell them or the parents don't understand how the technicalities of the application work.

Hence, TikTok has now collaborated with National PTA and shared a TikTok Guide for Parents which will educate them about the working of the application and how can they protect their children from online bullying and harassment using the key features and tools that the application provides.

Apart from this, it also explains the Family Pairing Feature which will help parents be alert about their children's activities on the application. The guide comes with a check list in the privacy and security portion for parents to see if they've went through all the features and understood them.

This is a great initiative by the platform because while it has the age limit criteria of 13 and over and only these particular ages are granted full access to the platform, children younger than this have also managed to find their way into the application's full version through some loopholes despite being granted a more restricted version of the application. Hence for this sole reason, TikTok convinces all parents to go through the 20 pages guide they have issued at least once, even if they believe their children do not use the said application or that they might not be in danger online, because in some rare cases they just might be and you wouldn't know.

The TikTok survey shows that one third of its users are under the age of 14 and because of this the application had come under a lot of concerns in various places and has also gotten banned in a lot of countries for having content which was not appropriate for particular age groups. Therefore, while TikTok is trying its best to control the mean comments and behavior on its platform and educate the users on what to do when they come through with harassment on the application it is also encouraging parents to be interactive with their kids in such matters as well.

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