The giant video platform YouTube says that it has deleted more than one million videos spreading false information regarding the coronavirus

YouTube says that it has deleted more than one million videos spreading fake and dangerous information regarding the COVID-19 and its vaccine since the beginning of this pandemic situation (i.e. February of 2020 ). Even though YouTube is such a massive platform with more than two billion monthly active users across the world and it was such a difficult task to put down these misleading videos including untrue curses and prerogatives of hoaxes. The platform is taking strict actions against these types of content from the beginning of the prior year. Not just YouTube, many other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are confiscating the misleading information from their platforms after some strong criticisms from the critics and other experts that these social media platforms are responsible for the escalation of dangerous content regarding COVID vaccine.

Just in the month of January, the platform is claiming that it has confiscated about five hundred thousand videos having distorted info. The gigantic platform has still not unveiled the data regarding the number of misleading videos uploaded on its colossal library. Further, it has not updated the statistics regarding the removal of dangerous content from the last 5 months, disguising the depiction of how corona-connected exclusions heap up to other types. The Leading Product Officer of the platform has said in a blog post that YouTube confiscates nearly ten million videos every quarter.

YouTube is just like other social platforms that give users a place to upload their content, but many users post dangerous material on these platforms in the name of freedom of expression. YouTube is tackling this situation with an efficient policy so that people do not use their liberty of expression in the wrong way. During the last few years, YouTube tried to tackle multiple types of dangerous content on its platform such as conspiracy philosophies, hate speech, child exploitation and misuse, racial content, and other content of mass assassination. Still, many people criticize that the platform is not putting enough exertion regarding its content moderation, but the reality is that it takes time to cope with these types of misleading videos on a massive platform where people post millions of videos each day.

Neal Mohan, The Product Officer has said that the confiscation of this fake information from the platform regarding the corona vaccine is part of content moderation struggles. He further called videos’ removal a “blunt tool” and that is hard to implement when one individual’s false information is the sturdy belief of another individual.

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