TikTok Is Adding A Promote Feature, Enabling Users To Advertise Their Content

TikTok is finally launching its Promote feature, allowing users on the platform and their content to reach larger and new audiences.

The feature's been in testing for quite a few months, and accordingly, users may have heard of it before. Testing at the time was limited to select users on the platform, unlike the randomized A/B testing that most social media companies conduct. The wait, however, is finally over. As revealed by the official TikTok Business team, Promote will be available to the general populace starting this month. It will be a new way for users, especially businesses, to advertise their content in a more "organic" manner. All it takes is investing a variable amount of one's money.

While this may be a new feature to TikTok users, other members of the general social media marketing community may immediately recognize Promote and its spiritual predecessors. Specifically, the feature takes a lot of inspiration from Facebook's Boost button; something that any content creator or brand manager on the platform is intimately familiar with. The Boost button, much like Promote, allows a specific post to quickly reach a larger audience by paying a certain sum. Users can control audience size, type, demographics, and other such minutiae to have their post reach the best possible niche. While Facebook will automatically have a default audience that it can send the posts out to, tweaking the settings to suit the user's business leads to the best reach.

TikTok's Promote works in a very similar manner. One should start by selecting a certain video for promotion, preferably one that's already doing well and being engaged with. From there on, four factors must be adjusted according to the user's preference. These include your ad campaign's goal (more views, follows, etc.), a budget for the promotion, and a set length of time for which it will run, and audience demographics. Already this seems near identical to Facebook's Boost, although calling it a copy would be in poor taste. Finally, approve of the set values, and watch your TikTok's reach increase by the minute.

TikTok is a platform that's gained a near-notorious amount of success in a relatively short time span. It's become the central hub of many members of Gen Z, and younger individuals are often considered to be more reliable consumers. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before advertisement of this nature would make it onto the platform.

Photo: Mike Blake / Reuters

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