Facebook conducts a series of interviews informing users how to deal with shifts in the advertising market

Facebook is back with the experts giving out information on how to improve marketing strategies.

Since most users would know, Facebook has been under the weather for a while now. The platform has been subjected to multiple lawsuits mainly highlighting the potentially illegal practices conducted to elevate the advertising market. To get through this phase, Facebook has launched a series of interviews where experts will inform marketers how to keep up with the shifts in the advertising industry online as well help them conduct and build effective campaigns.

The series are supposed to focus on the relationship between information collected and creativity harvested to create a concoction that will sweep investors and buyers off their feet. Apple and Google have also been seen making shifts in their algorithms to better facilitate the stricter data privacy policies and Facebook is not behind. Since higher security means lesser insight for marketers to base and target users, new tactics have to be developed to improve efficiency. To guarantee that, Facebook comes along with a group of experts handing out ways to come up with new techniques.

The first interview was conducted by Andy Ford. The head of marketing science told the audience how they're adjusting to the change. He went over the difficulties being faced by multiple brands as well as their tactics used to overcome these. He emphasized how no matter what the trend says, the core always remains the creativity and how 70% of the investment ratio has been on the basis of creativity alone. Creativity also requires a base in order to be manifested, being user response. Creators always need user response to ensure that their creativity is projected in the perfect space and is being reciprocated well.

Facebook told users how the key to gathering data now is through direct approaches, unfamiliar ones, instead of through third-party apps. Although the platform wasn't very specific about those, it did inform us that these evolving data techniques have a more direct audience connection and provide more control. The interview was helpful in informing users about Facebook's new initiative where it's currently working on its machine language and AI in order to get better data results. Facebook states that the ability to measure results and use tools effectively is a great asset that not many are blessed with hence using them to the optimum is indeed a great responsibility and Facebook aims to use these assets well in the right places to generate desired results.

Facebook concludes that the key is to engage valuable ad techniques to user demands and keep track of the responses while focusing on refinement.

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