Snapchat introduces a new tool ‘Trends’ which allows users to lookup keywords and their usage on Snapchat

While other social platforms were busy innovating newer ways for its users to socialize, Snapchat understood that photo sharing and chatting is something that will largely attract the newer generation, thus Snapchat came in and made photo sharing its primary focus while also bringing fun features such as ‘Streaks’ around its concept. This attracted a large amount of users mostly including younger generations to Snapchat. The platform since then has seen tremendous growth, according to a survey 48% of all US internet users aged between 15 and 25 years use Snapchat making it an industry giant.

With Snapchat being an industry giant with mostly young people using it, made it a great advertising platform for brands targeted towards a younger demographic. Snapchat knew that advertisements on its platform have a great potential, which is why the company has been bringing updates that favors and attracts advertisers. Recently Snapchat has brought about a new tool that will largely help brands to optimize their posts and advertisements thus making them rank higher, while also helping them reach their target audiences.

So what is the new tool? Well it is ‘Snapchat Trends’. The Snapchat Trends is basically a keyword tool that helps users identify the most popular keywords being used in Snapchat public stories. Users on the Snapchat trend tool will also be able to look up any particular keyword and then find out details about its usage, while also giving information on how it is being used. The Snapchat trends tool is similar to SEO tools by platforms such as Google.

Upon opening Snapchat trends, users see a page that shows them the top trends on Snapchat in the past few days. The trends on the home page are ranked according their popularity. The trends displayed on the home page are clickable, upon clicking on a trend, the tool will bring users to a page that displays further information and a graph that displays the keyword usage over time. The graph will be graded from 1 to 100 and will display the keyword popularity between these numbers. Users will also have the option to filter the information according to country.

The trends on the homepage will be displayed with a carousel, this carousel underneath the trending keyword will show the users how that particular keyword is being used by various Snapchat users.

Apart from displayed trends, the homepage of Snapchat Trends also has a search bar at the top of it. Using the search bar users can type in any keyword that they like and see its real time stats while also viewing its usage overtime. Apart from that users can also look up multiple keywords and compare their usage.

The Snapchat Trends tool is surely one thing that will the marketing on Snapchat game to the next level, marketers and branding experts will be able to use the Trends tool in various ways which includes performing market research, copywriting, planning media content and competitive research.

Another plus point that the Snapchat Trends has is that it is completely free to use and doesn’t even requires a Snapchat account.

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