Instagram Steps In With Updates To Secure Its Users Against Digital Abuse

Instagram is releasing a bunch of updates that are expected to assist the users and make the social network a more safe and secure place. This update consists of several tools tested to protect the users against spammers, stalkers, and hackers all at once. This update was long expected and more than long enough called for as the increased screen time due to the COVID pandemic and availability of private information on all channels has allowed the users to be robbed off and abused at multiple instances. While other platforms are still working to call an end to cyber abuse, Instagram is one of the first to proactively do so.

At the forefront of the update, actively fighting abuse is the feature called Limits. This, as the names suggest, places limits on users that do not actively follow the person in concern. The limits are placed on certain types of users that include newly followed people and those who do not follow at all. The limits consist of prevention from reaching the user’s direct messages, as well as disallowing them from commenting on the user’s posts. To back up the Limits, Instagram has proactively worked to improve its program and algorithm that flags and deletes contents considered abusive or offensive. The warning will escalate if the users continue to receive flags and will receive a ban on their profile on repeated warnings.

The update also consists of a Hidden Words Filter that allows for the user to add words, phrases, or a list of both that the Instagram algorithm will censor. The filter can also be extended to emojis that might be triggering or offensive. This update was backed by Instagram saying that this was their take an attempt to make the application a safe space for everyone and take care of every individual’s mental health.

Instagram CEO took to his blog saying that Instagram will do all in its control to prevent bullying and hate crime and these updates are a major part of our action. Most of the clout around online bullying and racial abuse was spotted after the the Euro Cup.

The CEO ended his statement on the note that Instagram will proactively be working with NGOs and teams in operation for the betterment of the community and making it a more safe place for every individual that logs in on Instagram to interact with the community and have fun. The limits feature is already being rolled out and the hidden words filter will follow soon.

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