Google’s Secret Document Reveals Their Plans For Games Future

The infamous lawsuit of Apple and Epic Gaming has been making rounds around the gaming industry. With a lot of contention in between, there is room to be gained by the two parties involved. However, in the link of these two parties, Google got some heat as under the proceedings, a document enlisted by the Google Plays department that highlighted the goals and proceedings of the organization up until 2025. It strikes everything across the board, including the portion of the mega video gaming industry across mobile phones, Windows and macOS that Google intends to take over.

The focus of the document revolves around providing more access and ease to the developers as the document mentions Google’s intent to deliver the most efficient platform to construct, explore and immerse in the video gaming experience. Furthermore, it also assists in giving the developers a chance to publish their titles with Google Play and not other platforms under the new act that was recently introduced in Congress. To back up their claims of supporting the developers, Google has mentioned providing the full range of developers options and services to assist the developers in using their platform.

Not only that, but the document also unveils plans that android centered apps and platforms are being reworked by Google to be used on Windows and macOS bridging the gaps as well as providing greater gaming chances to the users. This is perfectly in line with the Google Stadia that was released as a controller to bridge the gap between mobile phone gaming and consoles.

One of the images associated with the document presents an image that links a PUBG screenshot to the stadia indicating that it can be played on several devices or screens providing maximum flexibility to the user to immerse in the gaming experience. In terms of the document, Google is working towards providing the best android games to the PC. With Bluetooth devices, Windows Native and Experience, the contents of the documents are very likely to come to fruition however, there is no official release or word from the tech giant leaving the users in the blue to wonder whether the haven providing the best of all the operating systems will ever be true and alive to experience and enjoy, but the references to Android 12 Game Dashboard seems like the bright light at the end of the tunnel.

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