Epic games in its legal battle against Google, brought forward a document that exposed many of its program directed to restrict third party Android app stores

The world of technology and the internet has grown by a hundred folds in the last few decades. This immense growth has made technology accessible to almost everyone and everyday more and more people are getting exposed to technology. This growth has led the number of people using internet to drastically increase over the past few years, thus causing internet based platforms and companies to thrive and new ones coming in every now and then. This increase in platforms and businesses have largely increased the competition and rivalry between businesses, now companies aggressively fight to survive and thrive in the ever increasing internet industry.

A recent example of fighting between two powerful internet giants is that of Epic games and Google both of which are fighting an ongoing legal battle against each other. The legal battle started when Epic filed a case against Google for introducing a new Fortnite payment system in order to take in app commission cuts. The case has been going on for a long time, with multiple angles to it, however, Epic recently brought forward new documents that exposed multiple ways Google gets the best of app developers.

The document by Epic gives a detailed explanation on the different ways, Google coaxes game developers. Many of the ways mentioned in the documents had been previously discussed in the court and have been mentioned by numerous companies before.

One such example is that of ‘Project Hug’, which was a program by Google that the company implemented after fearing that Epic games alongside other game developers would stop using the Google Play Store and build their own distribution channels. Google in the program stopped just that from happening and secretly gave out millions of dollars to top developers that might have created a distribution channel that competes the Google Play Store. This program was successful since despite concerns from developers, Google was able to pay them and secure them into the project hug program.

Epic’s document also highlights another way Google coaxed game developers and that was the ‘Premier Device Program’. Google in this program gave out Android manufacturers a larger share in the revenue only on the basis that they manufacture devices in such a way that it limits their access to third party app stores.

This document made Epic’s case even more stronger since it proved the ways that Google had been illegally limiting third party stores from coming onto Android, so that it can make itself a fortune from its own in-app payment system.

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