Egress Reports Astonishing Figures In Light Of Increased Phishing And Scam

With the world going digital, there is little to no room left for pyramid schemes and in person scams at all. As is the case with every industry of the world, the scam industry also intended to upgrade and go digital to be at the top of their game. This venture brought forth several problems for the organizations and individuals. The most deadly of these is known as a Phishing attempt that falters organizations’ entire databases and renders the security and privacy of the organization’s working useless at the mercy of the scammer.

The severe problem of phishing probes is not only the astonishing part as the magnitude and frequency of such acts also bring reports of devastation through organizations. The Egress 2021 Insider Data Breach Survey goes on to show that phishing attempts happen against almost every organization with 73% of these attempts being successful. This figure comes off as surprising due to the rise in technological literacy and efficient security features. What was more astonishing was the fact that half of all IT leaders reiterate that the number would increase and it would be increasingly difficult to counter these attacks.

The credibility of the research is backed by Arlington Research that conducted a poll with 500 IT Leaders and over 3000 employees of the United Kingdom and States over various industries and faculties. These employees revealed troubling details as around 43% of these employees regularly failed to adhere to the security protocols in place and over 36% of employees making rushed decisions with not 100% attention to detail. What was more disturbing was the fact that the employees that were the cause of their organization’s hacking were either fired or left out of their own will. The importance of assisting the employee in realizing and amending their mistake kicks in here and is an imperative building block of office culture that seems missing here.

The report concluded its findings by stating that the IT leaders need to get their heads together and device a strategy to avert almost all of the phishing attempts at companies. Failure to do so would result in catastrophic consequences for the economy as well as the pace at which the world is heading to digitalize.

The globe is turning into a global villages with distances shortening every passing second, however, the existence of these phishing attempts and scams can turn the tide upside down and avert the plan of the global village. With increased technological literacy, cautiousness and keen awareness can lead to the aversion of most of these attempts.

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