Besides just showing the direction of your routes, Google Maps will soon give you the details about the prices of toll taxes on your way

There is no doubt that ‘Google Maps’ has made our life easier because we do not have a fear of getting lost even if we are standing at a completely strange place, we can easily get the direction of our destination through its online or offline features. It also tells us about the bus station, petrol pumps, and much more. The company is continuously making improvements in its location application so that people can get the maximum benefits. Recently, Google has announced (as per AP) that it is including additional support in Google Maps that it will also be able to give the details about the toll prices on your way. It will surely assist people to get to their destination as economically as possible.

As per the message that was sent to the Maps development team to preview program members, the details of the toll taxes will be shown together with the direction of the route where users want to go, they will have to select if they want to choose to save money or their precious time. Currently you can see the different routes with and without toll warning but in the upcoming updates users will be able to see the amount as well on a specific route.

So far, the application of Google Location Maps recognizes the existence of toll highways on both Normal Map and navigation paths. However, there are still particular toll taxes that are not present in the application, even if you are participant in the preview program. It may be possible that the company is bringing another option on the Waze. The Waze is the GPS navigation mobile application that Google bought 8 years ago. This navigation mobile application started calculating the prices of toll taxes about 3 years ago. It seems like it is coming very soon and many people can get assistance, especially those people who are going to the irregular way or going to the new country or city. 

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