Android 12 Brings Additional Accessibility With Facial Gestures For Differently Abled Individuals

Android updates have always been an imperative part of our lives and since the first Android release till the recent Android 11 update, we have had features and upgrades that changed the way we looked at life. Not only have these updates with Oreo, and JellyBean, etc. improved our food palette, it also has introduced WiFi, Mobile Hotspot, and many more facilities. Google as the leading face for Android just started the beta release for the most recent Android 12 and this comes through with many more exciting features not only providing tough competition to Apple’s macOS but also innovation where it matters.

The most important update revealed by Google includes the introduction of extra Facial Gesture features that would allow users to operate their devices without using the screen. While previously this could be done, but it required the mobile device to be connected with an enabler by Bluetooth. However, this time it is included with the device and primarily enabled with Google and its Pixel line of smartphones that were the first to receive the Android 12 update. Nonetheless, the update was just a beta version of the Android and the final upgrade would be rolled out across all users in due time.

With that in mind, the Facial Gesture feature allows the user to control the device with features such as smiling, raising eyebrows, looking in either direction, and opening their mouth, as reported by XDA. As an extension to facial recognition technology to unlock phones, the functions that can be administered with these gestures include Touch & hold, Scrolling in both directions, to Pause Camera Switch, Toggle and reverse the auto-scan function, Home, Back, Notifications, Quick, Settings, Overview, Select, Next, and Previous options as well.

Apart from that, there have been more features introduced with the Android 12 that include the introduction of the Google Sans font for the lock screen along with icons for the cards and passwords for ease of access. There are several more tiny changes that are bound to make your operating system not only different but futuristic and innovative as well. The length at which these updates are tested goes on to show that Google is still heading on to bringing the best experience to the users.

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