War Against Ransomware Continues With New Website Aiming to Shed More Light on the Matter

The increase in ransomware attacks over the course of the past few years has resulted in hundreds of billions of dollars going down the drain. This increase can be partly contributed to the Covid pandemic which resulted in a lot of people working from home without enterprise grade security systems and the like, but with all of that having been said and now out of the way it is important to note that we don’t really have much of an idea of where the money that is paid in these ransoms tends to go either.

Figuring out the destination for these ransoms is something that can often create a situation wherein better responses can be formulated. A white hat hacker by the name of Jack Cable recently attempted to solve this issue by creating a website known as RansomWhere which attempts to provide information on this conundrum. The site has managed to successfully track around $56 million in payments so far, and it turns out that Netwalker is the ransomware that has resulted in payments most frequently being disbursed.

A lot of these payments are in Bitcoin, with around 413 bitcoin or approximately $14 million being sent to people using the RagnarLoker Ransomware. Since a lot of ransomware tends to be crowdsourced, it can often be rather difficult to pinpoint any individual perpetrator of the things that are currently going on. Still, with the right amount of data regarding where this money is going, it is entirely possible that someone or the other would be able to get ever closer to discovering who the perpetrators truly are. This is an uphill fight, but it is one that pretty much everyone is involved with which means that chances are high that more success will end up becoming possible in the future.

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