Voice Transformation for People During Audio Conversation, Twitter Spaces Comes Through with Something Special

Twitter is a great space for users to vent out their thoughts and feelings in a limited character. The social giant for the longest time has been a user favorite and to make sure it remains fan favorite introduces new and unique feature every now and then.

What we all know about social media is that applications come up with a similar version of a feature of application which gains popularity and something similar happened with an audio conversation only app called Clubhouse. Twitter brought about Spaces after the success its rival audio application Clubhouse gained and since then Twitter Spaces has been on a role.

However, considering how so many applications copy something which gains a few moments of success, Spaces was not the only one to create a stunt double for Clubhouse and similar features were introduced by Facebook, Snapchat etc.

So to make their position in the market maintained and intact, Twitter is coming up with new features for Spaces to keep the users interest fixed upon them and on such feature which has not been launched but discovered is the voice transformation feature.

The feature was brought to notice by Jane Munchun Wong who is an app developer. She stated that the new feature allowed users to change their pitch and also lets them add echoes to the existing voice. While this was old news, the voices which will help this new feature come to life were later discovered by Steve Moser who listed them as Bee, Cartoon, Helium, Incognito, Karaoke, Microphone, Phone, Spatial, Stadium, and Stage. Later. Twitter also confirmed the development of this feature.

All these options will be available for users speaking in an audio conversation in their Spaces.

Though, however, the coding has been discovered for this feature in the app it is not known as to when will it make the final roll for the public. No comment has been made by Twitter itself and only once they decide to comment will we know any further news. However, stay tuned to find out.

Apart from the new tools in Spaces, Twitter, as per Wong, is also working on some changes in its Tip Jar feature too.

Twitter has always come up with some great features which have always been liked by its audience and we are sure that the social firm has a lot in its pockets for the world to see and we cannot wait for all that it has in store for us.

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