TikTok enables AI-based automated removals to prevent harmful content from being exposed at all; Has a false positive rate of 5 percent

After Facebook and Instagram implemented strict policies against harmful content, it was time TikTok took some action too, being one of the leading platforms.

Previously, TikTok had a policy of removing all content that went against its regulations; however, until it was monitored, the content did receive a handsome exposure. Nevertheless, each video posted every day was checked by a member of moderation team for approval.

To prevent even the slightest exposure, TikTok enabled a new feature that would automatically check videos for any adult nudity, minor safety, sexual activities, violent and graphic content, and illegal goods. If found, the video will never see the face of the social network.

Many users are concerned about the accuracy of the update and TikTok can confirm that the false positives remain at a low rate of 5%. On a scale of billions, 5% does mean a lot but comparing the videos that are removed, we could rule it out.

The automation technology will only be reserved for niches where the test results have been the highest to rule out any faux identification. The improved AI-based system is unlike any seen before since the videos will not have even the slightest chance of exposure and will be removed before they are even uploaded.

This new strategy has two benefits. The first one being the removal of videos without any hassle and the second being relief from manually monitoring videos. This gives the moderators ample time and opportunity to focus on more pressing matters like bullying, harassment, the spread of false information, and such frivolous activities being conducted on the platform.

Furthermore, TikTok also installed a new update where the main design of the account’s violation display has been altered to a more transparent one. The new display will make reports more visible while there will be various warnings strewn across the screen.

TikTok also went ahead to mention some of the consequences of repeated violent behavior. For less serious issues, only warnings will be issued. For more significant ones, there will be bans and for even persistent ones, the device will be blocked completely to prevent the creation of any future accounts. Outright punishments like these are bound to make 'bad users' either leave the platform or put a reign on their blunders.

While Facebook and Instagram have taken less serious measures, it is given that TikTok needs to engage many pressing ones seeing the urgency of the situation. TikTok harbors the greatest young audience amongst all the platforms with one-third of its user-base being youngsters 14 years of age or under.

The kind of videos being made and people blindly following trends also has put great responsibility on the platform since multiple deaths occur each year due to people complying blindly with nonsensical trends. These deaths could've been prevented if TikTok had been rather strict with their policies from day one, preventing users from ever being exposed to such content.

Lastly, TikTok believes that people will continue finding ways around the algorithm as 60% of people let off with just a warning have committed the same acts again. This means TikTok is going to continue making its policies harsher to keep everyone on the line. Although there may be innocent victims having their videos removed without any reason, the scale weighs far more on the other side and we are willing to make that sacrifice to keep the youth from any grim content.

While TikTok is an entertainment platform, there are limits to the frivolous acts put on there and it was high time that TikTok got things under control. For more updates, stay connected!

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