Snapchat takes another step towards digital fashion by launching new 3D Bitmoji’s

Over the past few years the increase in the use of technology and social apps have caused a lot of things to be done online, surprisingly one of it is fashion. People nowadays use different applications and platforms to try on different clothing from brands around the world. Digital fashion over the years have grown to a large extent and will be a big thing within a few years. Snapchat is one company that has been working hard towards making digital fashion much more common, in the past few years Snapchat has introduced a series of Bitmoji’s that lets users create a digital avatar of themselves, apart from this Snapchat has also signed deals with multiple clothing brands so that Snapchat users could try different clothes on their digital avatar.

Recently, Snapchat has taken another step towards enhancing digital fashion with its new 3D Bitmoji avatars, the new Bitmoji characters would increase user experience with character depictions. With the update Snapchat will now have more than 1200 different combinations of backgrounds, facial expressions, gestures etc. which users can use to create a much more realistic and life like digital version of themselves.

Apart from adding up to 1200 different Bitmoji features Snapchat is also signing deals with multiple renowned clothing brands such as Adidas and VANS. With more and more clothing brands jumping onto Snapchat, users would love to make their Bitmoji wear clothes from their favorite brand. Snapchat and Bitmoji says that they don’t just want to give their Bitmoji’s a more realistic look but also increase the number of things that you can do with it.

The enhancement of Bitmoji’s and digital fashion surely does mean a lot more user traffic for Snapchat, but it also brings out the possibility to generate a lot revenue for Snapchat. Well how is that? Well since Snapchat is amongst the first platform to push digital fashion it will attract a lot of famous clothing brands all around the world. This would push more and more brands to sell their Bitmoji clothes on Snapchat.

Since the younger generation is largely inclined towards using technology and spends a big amount of money online, they would likely buy a lot of Bitmoji clothes on the app thus generating revenue for both Snapchat and the clothing brands affiliated with it.

As of now Snapchat’s new Bitmoji’s are being released in the US, but we will soon see the update popping up on mobile devices around the world.

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