Mark Zuckerberg’s wish to incorporate all social media apps into one is still ablaze

Facebook’s current CEO, Mark Zuckerberg now has a few of the most widely used social media platforms of all time. With Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger amongst the dozens in their arsenal, Facebook intends to introduce the features of one app to another one and has been doing so for the last 5 years.

The various examples of such scenario includes the Status feature on WhatsApp that was similar to the Stories Feature on Instagram. Another example includes the Explore option that was introduced on Facebook and another one is of the Watch option on Facebook, similar to IGTV.

Updates to all of these networks have been similar however, this brings up the question of whether Facebook is moving to create a one for all social media platforms or not. If so where would it end up and if not, then what the recent developments and updates are turning out to be

On the 7th of June, 2021, Social media consultant and founder of Geekout, Matt Navarra posted a screenshot from Facebook app which revolves around a step further of the developments of Instagram. This update reflected on Facebook Stories being brought to the newsfeed of the user. Matt's tweet highlights that Facebook will share the stories uploaded by your friends on your newsfeeds.

As of today, anything that is available on the newsfeed is not reported back when seen until their is an interaction by means of sharing, reacting or commenting on the post.

Facebook intends to keep the new update similar to how things work, however, the slight update would be in regards to seeing the story. If an individual stops to look at the story of the friend, it would be reported back to that friend, and similarly any interaction would also report back the same.

The technicalities of this update have not been revealed yet and the update in of itself is about to hit the users once it is run through beta testing and consumer feedback surveys. Along with us, there are many who think about the domination plan of Mark Zuckerberg and how it will transform the face of social media. There are many who differ in ideas and the end results but there is one thing that is of absolute certainty and that is of a better user experience being provided and more options to everyone.

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