Google says Goodbye to Bookmarks, and also changing how it handles AMP labels in mobile search results

Google has been promoting a system known as AMP over the past couple of years, which is designed to accelerate the smartphone browser. Google is eliminating the AMP indicator from Results pages since people has been extensively supporting it rather than displaying mobile-optimized webpages alongside the others.

According to SearchEngineLand, Google has fully halted presenting the illuminating symbol that has been marking AMP outcomes in Search for several years. Google has been continuously changing the icon since 2016 but every time it stays there to some point. This is true for all google search and the display of Latest Stories. Even if the indicator is no longer visible, websites that enable AMP continue to display AMP pages whenever selected.

This, on the other hand, isn't strange. This update was disclosed by Google in April. After which a trial showing a symbol close to the one featured for AMP has appeared for certain users, however it hasn’t been pushed out extensively yet.

Not just that, Google is also deprecating its largely forgotten Google Bookmarks feature. Google Bookmarks is an unique service that goes back to 2005 and allows users to store a URL along with a title, label, and remarks. Bookmarks seems to retain some more current information about users, if they have not visited it because it appears to pull certain information for bookmarked sites from Google map.

However, Google Bookmarks will not going to be accessible following September 30th, 2021, as the provider's tagline reads, and the corporation validates that the bookmarked places on Maps will remain unaffected. It is important to note that this will not going to effect Chrome, Edge, or Firefox bookmarks, or probably any other search engine bookmarks that users are not even aware of.

Although Google Bookmarks was relatively unknown, at times it did have some cutting-edge capabilities. In addition to cloud-based bookmark storage, Google added annotation options in the style of comments and tags that could be browsed and categorized, as well as a bookmark collection driven by JavaScript that users can utilize and store bookmarks to it very efficiently and simply from the website.

If a user have noticed a lot of material in the Google Bookmarks service and aren't sure what's happening , there’s a reason behind it. A few of the marked places in Google Maps have reportedly been linked or partly stored by Google. For some reason, only marked sites are displayed in Google bookmarks. Every other marked location or go to sites are not visible on Bookmarks.

While few people assumed that this indicated the bookmarked items in Maps would be lost with the passing of Google Bookmarks. However, this wasn't the case, and a Google representative has now verified that people who have highlighted things in Maps don’t have to worry. The reason is not clear however, Google has stated clearly that rumors about the deletion of highlighted material are false, and the data will be safe.

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