Google Maps Is Introducing Its New Indoor Live View Interface To Transit Stations In Japan

Google Maps is now introducing its Indoor Live View AR facilities to transit stations in Japan, allowing users to rummage through their current stops with accuracy.

The Alternate Reality revolution is upon us. AR is a form of technology that's increasingly fascinating to this writer, simply because of how creatively it's being utilized in our current time. Let's list down a couple of common examples. One of the more popular ones can be found in the form of Pokémon GO, an AR game that allows the titular Pocket Monsters to spawn in real life locations around the globe. Then, individuals can go ahead and catch them on their phone, mimicking the gaming experience, but in real life. Pokémon GO also involves actively running around your local vicinity in order to find more to catch, providing a stellar AR experience. Another can be found in the form of Snapchat's sale collaborations, where individuals can try out items for sale on the app itself. AR technology projects renders of the items being sold onto an individual's face and/or body, allowing them to properly window shop from the comfort of their home! It really is a fun marvel, how AR is being implemented nowadays.

From there on, let's talk about Google Maps. Maps is already a very interesting application: one that is driven by developers releasing updates with speedy regularity. When the devs aren't busy at work adding more detail to every nook and cranny around the world, or tweaking the Street View AI, they're often adding cool new features. The best example of this is the Indoor Live View: a tool that users can rely on to scout new places out. The tool, only relaying data from a few malls across the USA at launch, has the ability to provide even greater insight to your current location. For example, within malls, turning on Indoor Live View will lead to Maps projecting all of the shops, their locations, distance, and other places of interest (restaurants, washrooms, etc.). They're projected onto your phone through the camera, providing a proper visual aid instead of a basic map.

Indoor Live View's implementation in transit stations is the best decision the devs could make. If an individual's running late, and can't seem to find their terminal, Indoor Live View will provide an accurate visual aid, using just their phone's camera to guide them! Users can locate gates, platforms, baggage claims, ticket offices, and all other relevant places in the transit stations. This really is an incredibly useful piece of technology, that users can benefit from incredibly.

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  1. Google only cares about phones these days. :( Forget computer users they have too much independent thinking can't allow THAT! Nooooooooooooooooo!

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