Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Gives Millions For His Security In Lockdown As Well

The folks at Protocol recently took to the ground on explaining what was happening with the security of tech giants firms and how Facebook and its top executives were taking up almost 70% of all the security for tech companies. The research went on to indicate that despite other companies like Google and Amazon reaching more heights than usual, it was Facebook that put out more money for the security of its top executives. However, the reason for Facebook’s precaution might be justified in the long run at least.

As expected from Mark Zuckerberg and the legal problems that he has so often been involved in, he was at the top of the list with a whopping 23.4 million dollars (i.e. around half of the security budget) for his personal safety. Despite the lockdown from 2020, the figure has risen up from then surprising 20.4 million dollars. This goes on to show the extent to which Facebook revolves around the safety of its executives and not only Mark Zuckerberg as the CEO, even the Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg, has 7.6 million dollars for her security written off as a business expense at Facebook.

This might not look much, however, in comparison to Mark Zuckerberg and Sherly Sandberg, Jeff Bezos’ security looks pale as Amazon only reportedly 1.6 million dollars for his security, and Tim Cook, Bill Gates amongst many were not up the list at the top 5. Indeed Facebook has its reasons to safeguard its employees and much of it revolves around the data access that they have.

These top executives at Facebook have access to all information that is collected over the period of a user’s technological experience. This ranges from their personal credit card info to search history to their everyday activity and location. Any problems with the top executives would call for a worldwide identity theft activity crisis. Apart from that, Facebook and Mark have been at the forefront of legal problems involving the manipulation and coercion of identities and activity to advertising firms and marketing agencies for a greater profit. It was huge to the extent that Mark Zuckerberg had to defend himself and his organization at the Parliament in front of all the elected members and representatives.

Facebook in a statement said that with Jeff Bezos’ phone being hacked and multiple controversies being associated with Mark Zuckerberg, it was not only in the best interest of Facebook but a personal necessity for Zuckerberg as the face of Facebook to be protected. The 23.4 million amount is expected to increase next year as well.

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