Facebook is experimenting with ads on its ‘Oculus Quest’ games

When talking about the future of technology we all surely think of one thing and that is virtual reality, over the past few years, the use of virtual reality has steadily increased, nowadays we can find people using virtual reality headsets in every few homes.

With the increase in virtual reality technology, users are able to wear VR headsets and play games in a first person view and experience a much more realistic game play. Apart from games VR technology has been helping the ecommerce industry as it helps online customers see the product and have a clear idea about the product.

Recently the use of virtual reality has increased by a large percentage, this gave big companies like Facebook the idea to advertise inside VR games and apps.

According to reports Facebook will soon start testing its advertisements inside the Oculus Quest VR, the ads will first start to appear in games like Blaston and two others. After the testing is done Facebook would roll our advertisements in other such games as well.

This step by Facebook will not only be a profitable decision for them but will soon prove to be a great source of revenue for VR game companies thus more companies will dive in the business and more VR games will be developed which will surely boost the development of VR technology.

Facebook has been using Oculus's data to run advertisements since 2019, and last month the social media giant also started advertising inside the Oculus mobile app. However, Facebook's decision to run ads inside the VR platforms and its games is something big and different.

Facebook is currently only testing this new concept but once the testing is done, this new concept can prove to be very successful for the social network.

For users that are really concerned about their data being stolen through their VR headsets, Facebook said that they would not use data and user information from the Oculus VR system nor would they use the voice recordings from the VR Voice assistant for targeted advertising.

This new step by Facebook can prove to be a revolutionary step for both the VR and the advertisement industry, this new way of advertisement would also pull a lot of e commerce companies to advertise their products inside VR games and reach massive audiences.

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