Trusted applications can be used for carrying out malicious activities nowadays

Technology keeps developing with time, while most of the companies are looking forward to make things more secure, other entities are trying to breach the privacy for their own malicious desires.

According to the researchers belonging to University of London and the University of Luxembourg, the secure files and folders are no longer secure since they are now susceptible for getting attacked by hackers who will not only just turn off the security protection but will also take over installed apps and will use them for carrying out their motives. Since its not just a breach of security but also involves taking over the apps, the researchers have named it as a twin attack.

The attack consists of two steps, the most important one is to take over encrypted files available in secured folders of an anti virus application. This procedure has been named as cut and mouse. The second step is the take over by immobilizing the secured protection. This take over has been named as Ghost Control.

The Chief researcher of the Luxembourg University, Professor Gabriele Lenzini accepted the fact that just like the AntiVirus applications responsible for providing security against cyber criminals are now facing a competition since the other side has become significantly more powerful and committed to their job as well.

This statement can also be explained as the vulnerabilities that were found are capable of overruling the protection and as a result the so called secured folders can be used against the users by either tampering the data or using it against the will. The most concerning part is that such attacks are carried out through the most trusted applications. Such as notepad, which becomes the hosting platform for overwriting the commands through which system can be taken over and the files are then encrypted and later a copy is saved in the clipboard. While talking about the Ghost Control attack, it was revealed that this attack comes with its own consequences. They studied 29 different anti virus software, and 14 of them were not strong enough to stand against Ghost Control and for the Cut and mouse attack, not a single solution from these 29 anti virus software was strong enough to resist it.

The team behind security research told that safety engineering is a field in which the security provided to the internal relationship of components is an important matter. These internal components give rise to a system but at the same time they also increase the area vulnerable to assault. This happens when the hackers finds an opening after the interaction between internal parts of a system.

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