Telegram releases the long awaited group video calling feature

While WhatsApp came up with its new privacy policy in the start of 2021, users were surely scared of the app sharing their data and information with Facebook thus they saw one effective alternative for WhatsApp and it was ‘Telegram’, Telegram is at the top of its game, being one of the best messaging service out there, the app also has excellent features like video calling, large file sharing etc.

What makes this messaging app excellent apart from its features is its privacy and the data safety it provides, unlike its alternative WhatsApp, Telegram does not use that much user’s data or information and does not demand access to the device, moreover the app also provides end to end encryption on video calls thus making the platform the choice of users. With the constant increase in hacking and data stealing over the years, telegram is an app that provides excellent security against all this making it the choice of users that are worried about their data being stolen.

After WhatsApp received criticism in the start for 2021, a lot of users switched from WhatsApp to Telegram making Telegram have a lot more users than before thus the company knew that they had to work hard to retain the new users by giving out new and exciting features that make their app better which is why Telegram has been giving out updates.

One new update that both the company and its users were excited about has been out now, it is the availability of group video calling on the platform. The new update is now available for Android, iOS and the desktop version of Telegram, the company has been planning to release this feature since last year and now finally did it.

As of now the platform can only support group video calls that include 30 people, however Telegram’s says that they will soon increase the number of people that can join the group video call, the quantity of people once increased will make the platform suitable for having a meeting or a conference call.

Users can use this new feature on both their Tablets and mobiles, however people with tablets will be able to open a side panel that will display the names of the participants while viewing the content being shared in the video call. Unlike other apps Telegram also allows its users to share their camera’s video while simultaneously sharing their screen. Like every other time, Telegram has come up with something that differentiates its features to that of its competitors.

Thought Telegram has been quite late when it comes to releasing group video calls on its platform since other competitors like WhatsApp have this feature since a long time, however after a long delay the company has finally been able to include this feature. This new addition will be appreciated by many Telegram users that were long awaiting for this, the new feature is expected to bring more people towards the platform.

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