Google Chrome Rolls Out a Screenshot Option Which Will Allow You to Capture and Edit Directly Off the Share Settings

Google without any doubt has the most popular search engine which is not only used on desktop computers but smartphones as well. The Chrome browser of Google holds the answers to a lot of questions people seek and the function it acquires makes internet surfing easier for a lot of users. The tech giant realizes the impact it holds in their users lives and hence is always working towards making their platform better than before.

Google Chrome had introduced a custom share menu last year and reportedly it has introduced another new feature on the share menu which lets users screenshot the web page directly.

This feature was spotted initially by 9to5Google and is available to users with the Chrome 91 version.

The screenshot option present on the share menu will allow users to take a screenshot of the search screen directly without leaving the browser including the Omni box. But that is not all you can do through this new feature.

Once a screenshot has been taken, on the bottom menu three options will appear for users to choose from that are Crop, Text and Draw. The crop option will allow users to crop the irrelevant corners of the content while through the draw feature users can highlight certain sentences that they want to make prominent and also add their own words and sentences on the image through the text feature. For the text and draw feature users will have the option to choose in between six strokes and 18 range of colors.

The screenshot bar will also allow users with two buttons on the top to undo and redo certain actions.

Once your webpage has been screenshotted and edited, you can tap on the “Next” button on the top right corner to carry out the further processes. Once you tap on next your phone will present you with three options to choose from which are Share this screenshot, Save to device only, or Delete. The save option when tapped will appear as if a file is being downloaded directly off the web and once it is saved you can access it in the Chrome’s built-in Downloads manager.

This new feature has been rolled out just this week and is accessible to a lot of users with the Chrome Android version 91. Once you have updated to Chrome 91, you will see the share menu labelled as “new” and you will then be led to the screenshot option.

This tool is live to a lot of users and if you cannot access it update to chrome version 91.

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