Pinterest is Helping Brands Take Advantage of its Environmentally Conscious User Base

Brands often want to take advantage of the specificities that a social media platform’s unique audience might just end up being into, and for the most part tend to be a lot more environmentally conscious than users on other platforms. A study revealed that the pandemic in particular resulted in most Pinterest users starting at least one new habit that emphasizes sustainability above all else, and it seems that Pinterest is trying to double down on this sort of thing with its new Greenaissance week during which posts and pins that emphasize such concepts will be highlighted and promoted to a certain extent.

There is a 40% higher chance that someone that uses Pinterest will care about the environment, and about 80% of the people in that category would be willing to do something or the other about it. This is something that brands should keep in mind, since it is the type of thing that can impact the kinds of ads that they might want to put up on the platform and it might just entice a few brands here and there to take Pinterest somewhat more seriously as an advertising option.

Companies that might be launching hybrid cars or who are involved in any other kind of sustainability initiative are particularly poised to take advantage of this phenomenon. Pinterest has managed to survive in a very competitive landscape, and this is partly because of the fact that it knows how to capitalize on its strengths. The social media platform is encouraging brands to put out various kinds of educational content on the topic, and this further indicates that environmental sustainability is a pretty hot topic that most brands are really starting to take seriously these days. Whether or not this will help with global warming remains to be seen, but it certainly will help Pinterest get ahead.

Photo: Chanintorn Vanichsawangphan / EyeEm / Getty Images
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