New Report Shows Future Business Impact of Shifting Racial Perceptions in America

The past year has been an eventful one for a wide range of reasons. A majority of the coverage surrounding the past year emphasizes the impact of coronavirus, and while the virus has most certainly been impactful due to its widespread economic effects it is not the only thing that has shifted the landscape for businesses in America.

Over the previous twelve months, America has gone through a bit of a renaissance in terms of perception of racial injustice among average citizens. The advent of social media combined with various grassroots organizations that are focused on spreading awareness has resulted in a far more educated citizenry when it comes to such matters, and this has led to many individuals attempting to influence their employers to change their business practices in accordance with ideas of racial diversity and awareness as well.

According a report that has recently been released by ParadigmIQ, 69% of Americans who participated in their survey felt that racial injustice is a serious problem in the country. 60% of these respondents also confirmed that their perceptions had been changed or impacted in some way, shape or form by the goings on of the year that has just passed, thereby confirming the effect that many social justice organizations have managed to have during this period.

66% of these people stated that they felt like businesses should attempt to positively influence racial justice in the US in whatever way they can, and this will most certainly change that way businesses function in the near future. There is also the issue of free speech that is being discussed here. For the most part, Americans believe that they should be able to discuss matters involving racial injustice and the like in the work place, a topic that was previously frowned upon for a wide range of reasons none of which seem to be all that relevant anymore.

The surprising thing is that a higher number of older people seem to want to be able to discuss such matters at work. 78% of people between the ages of 35-44 want to be able to discuss racial injustice in the workplace and 71% of people aged 45-54 which is higher than 67% of Americans between the ages of 18-35. Still, this shift is really going to shake up a number of industries, with the tech industry in particular being a major focal point of this whole affair. This is partly due to the reason that Facebook’s policies which lead to a number of employees resigning were closely tied to criticism the industry received regarding perceived racial injustice last year, and social media in general will have to change because of this.

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