Mark Zuckerberg Shares Experience of Teaching Daughter How to Type and Code

The general perception of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg generally revolves around the kind of actions he has taken with the company that he owns, but this often ignores the fact that he is a human being with a family as well. A recent video that Zuckerberg posted of his daughter learning how to code has sparked a conversation on the frustrations of parenthood particularly during a pandemic during which it really isn’t all that safe for people to go outside and parents are therefore forced to come up with unique ways to keep their children as distracted as possible.

The video depicted Zuckerberg’s daughter using the Kano app to learn coding, and the Facebook CEO commented on the fact that the app was actually quite an effective way to teach children how coding works in the first place. However, Zuckerberg also commented on how frustrating an experience this could be, especially when it came to teaching his daughter how to type because he felt that her unrefined typing style was extremely inefficient which was a comical take on how hard it can be to be a parent and to have to teach your kids all of the skills they need in order to become well rounded adults.

Most of the comments on the video were supportive of Zuckerberg and involved reminiscences of the various experiences that numerous users had had regarding parenting themselves. Some users were somewhat critical of the fact that Zuckerberg was making his child use a computer at such a young age, but this is a decidedly old fashioned way of thinking since the Facebook CEO was making his daughter use the machine in a constructive manner and this might allow her to become her father’s heir in the world of tech and become an innovator in her own right.

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