LinkedIn gives points for companies and job seekers on what are the best skills and resources they should look for, in their Workplace Learning Report 2021

LinkedIn has always been a go to place for career improvers because the platforms unite the people who are looking for a job and companies wanting employees, together and provide the two to choose better opportunities in life through it. The tech giant has now been around for a long time and has its own sense of understanding that how with the change in the world, both companies and employees need to adapt to different requirements that are necessary considering the changes in the businesses world.

As a result of this understanding, LinkedIn launched its fifth Workplace learning report to enlighten business what changes in development should they be planning considering the ongoing changes in the world and what skills should they be seeking in an employee. Through this the job seeker will also understand what skills companies are looking for and what opportunities should they seek.

The report catered responses from 1200 learning developmental professionals and 900 learners and was combined together in an in-depth report, some of which basic and most important points we will discuss here:

The report ranked some skills in an order which they believe were very important in any person who was out there looking for a job.

Among this resilience and adaptability topped the list, considering how drastically the world has changed in the past one year because of the pandemic the man kind should learn by now that no situation is permanent and anyone who quickly adapts to new situation and scenarios in work and adjusts accordingly to their given resources will probably do great in their work.

Next up on the second bullet we could see the tech skills and digital influence point and realizing how pretty much we all spent the past year online whether be work or school, digital and tech knowledge is now an important factor. The tech giant in the report further briefed this point claiming that digital influence simply means that people should have digital literacy and according to the tech giant digital literacy should be made an essential part of school curriculums around the world. The company believed that how the youth is already using the web and it is better to provide them better knowledge about it rather than them falling in the traps on misinformation.

Apart from this, many other factors like time management, dealing through stress, creativity and communication across large groups was also seen as some important and essential factors.

In the Learning and development section of the report three main factors were shown as essential in which “upskilling and reskilling” was on the top. This factor had also seen an increase by 15 percent since June 2020 and correctly so it should have had. Why?

Upskilling and reskilling means people coming out of their comfort jobs and looking and working on opportunities they had ever worked before and the pandemic made a lot of people lose jobs and switch to career options they had never tried before. As a matter of fact, most people even liked this as it was different from something they ever did.

The best part about upskilling was that new sectors were opening different doors of opportunities and with the advancement in AR and AI, old work ways are being paved into new methods which do not require any experience prior and this gives people more opportunities and an easier way out of their fixed career paths.

Leadership and management was a point to be noted after that because any employee working under a team should have skills to work with an entire department and lead people forward when necessary and this factor has always been on the charts.

But what was new on the charts, seemed to be “Virtual Onboarding”.

This new factor is an opportunity taken up by many companies where instead of on field learning programs which are instructor based, companies are proving online courses for learning and development in many different areas of work and this is providing a wider number of people to take up such courses and a chance for company to provide better opportunities to its employees. The Gen Z is rather fond of this new factor from what it can be seen in the reports because they are always seeking for career growth opportunities.

Apart from this, it will also help companies attract more people to them and will give them a chance to choose the best among the best candidates despite the locations.

So if you are a person looking for a job or a member in the HR, you might want to go through all this before you start the interview and shortlisting process.
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