iOS 15 allow users to add several copies of the same app on home screen

The latest version of Apple, iOS 15 lets users to place an app multiple times on the main screen. It is one of the most amusing feature of iOS 15 to be able to have numerous copies of the similar app. As this feature indicates, people can replicate one app as many times as they want.

Now question arises as what is the actual purpose of developing such feature. Logically, this feature may seems unnecessary but it serves a purpose. One single app can occupy all the slots available for the apps on the home page. At a glance, it may looks funny yet it has a reason.

As mentioned earlier, only the new iOS 15 version support this functionality. Users can replicate the same app on home screen multiple times because of the new Focus features available in iOS 15.

The main idea behind such feature is to eliminate disturbance. The few focus feature is meant to enable users get rid of distractions by deactivating the unnecessary pages on home screen. This works by selecting a particular focus mode and the apps that are going to get deactivated is based on the type of mode.

It would allow people to arrange work and relaxation mode separately. While in working mode, people can disable all other fun activity or social media apps to avoid all kind of distractions. With that being said, sometimes people probably desire apps that can be used in a variety of situations. This implies that one single app needs to be appear multiple times on single screen.

About the process on how to do it, simply hold the app, drag it, and drop where the slot is available. App Library can also be used to achieve this. Select the desirable app from App Library and drag it onto the main page. Once the app is dragged, it can be placed anywhere on main screen without deleting the old apps.

Another simple way of doing it is through Spotlight search. iOS 15 also supports this feature via search for those who didn’t want to do so from App Library. Search for the desirable app and place it to the selected slot. Not just that, iOS 15 also allow users to make as many copies as possible and place them on multiple pages or same app can be placed on single page for several times.

iOS 15 is in testing phase and is expected to launch publicly in the upcoming months.

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