Apple Adds Multiple Security Features With Latest iOS Update

A major component of Apple’s business practices and policies over the past few years has involved attempting to make it so that users can end up being protected from various developers and companies that might be trying to make use of their data. Perhaps the biggest example of this type of thing can be seen with Apple making the setting that allows apps to track user data constantly turned off by default, thereby requiring apps to get users to actively opt in rather than being able to use a default option to get the data that they require.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that Apple is continuing to take strides that might improve the safety of its numerous users. The upcoming iOS 15 which will be the latest version of Apple’s smartphone operating system would potentially create a situation wherein apps would no longer be able to monitor the things that users end up adding to their clipboard through the copy paste function.

This is incorporated into a much wider range of security features as well. You will now be able to see how many times a particular app tracked your location, and there are a bunch of other smaller features that are being thrown into the mix. This could potentially make iOS 15 one of the most security conscious operating systems currently on the market, and it could take advantage of a major trend that is emerging wherein users might be hesitant to use products that might compromise their security or privacy in any way, shape or form. Apple could prove to the be winner of the smartphone wars after all, and if nothing else this might inspire Google to change its rather frequent use of user data to a certain extent.

Screenshot: Ryan.

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