iCloud’s calendar spam bug continues to bother iOS users even after multiple fixes

Apple is surely one of the biggest technology company out there, its mobile operating system gives strong competition to Android. Apple and its users both take pride in the fact that when compared to Android, iOS is much more safe from malware and data breaching, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said that Android devices are 47x vulnerable to malware. The iOS and iCloud does still have a few malware’s and problems, one of these problems is the spam on the iCloud calendar.

This calendar spam problem makes weird events from the iCloud calendar pops up on user’s screens, these invitations are created by hackers and data stealers since they want to access user devices and data through these invitations, after popping up on users screen the invitation gives the users a choice of accepting or declining the event. Users that accept the invite are usually then carried onto a link that was embedded into the invite, once on that page the hacker can get access to user’s device making all the data and information in that device at risk. However, if a user declines the invitation the hacker gets a signal that the device that the invitation was sent to is active thus they continue to send much more invites.

Apart from that, this problem is also usually seen in many fishy websites, the calendar event pops up as a browser dialog box and ask users to accept a subscription to their calendar, many people accept this as without it the websites don’t allow them to go to the next page.

Users are experiencing this problem since 2016 and Apple have received tons of complaints regarding the matter, the tech giant have worked on fixing this problem but was not able to find a proper solution for it.

Recently a group of Apple users on a social platform called Reddit up voted a thread that requested apple to fix this problem, the thread got around 5000 votes highlighting the iCloud’s calendar spam problem once again.

Apple reached out to users with a video that showed the solution to calendar spam, the video is available on YouTube for anyone to see. Apple told users that the new solution to the problem is to open their calendar application, then tap any spam event and then unsubscribe. Once a user does this all other spam events on the calendar would be automatically removed from the device, however if the user is already subscribed to multiple events the process can be difficult.

Apart from that Apple has now also released a new ‘Report Junk’ option in the calendar, which allows users to remove unwanted junks and events from their calendar. Both the steps taken by the company are for solving the problem within the calendar application, users still have no solution for pop ups that appear on websites and ask users to subscribe to their calendars.

But since Apple has a history of being a company that values its customers over everything, users will soon see the solution to this problem. Up until a solution to the browser pop up problem is found, users are suggested to stop going to untrusted and fishy websites and read any browser pop up very thoroughly before accepting or declining it and not just click on it since that can put your device at risk.

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