Facebook has unveiled a new part of messaging for brands that will increase their association with the valuable customers in the Facebook login process

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms with over 2.85 billion monthly active users across the world, and millions of businesses and brands are selling their products online to a large number of customers, but sometimes it becomes very difficult for brands to make a strong connection with all customers due to lack of interaction with them on public pages and groups. Consequently, the promotion of any brand does not give the desired results until the brand makes an individual connection with a customer.

Therefore, to build a strong correlation between brands and customers, Facebook has rolled out a new part of messaging in the login process. Now, through this latest element, whenever a person wants to open the website of any business or brand through Facebook login, the brand will be able to add the person on messenger app that can help to build a personal connection between the person and the brand. Now, the person can directly and conveniently interact with a particular brand.

Facebook is trying to promote business activities through its platform so that brands can also increase their commitment and can provide the services of customer care through messenger. This new feature will particularly help many businesses to expand their promotions to the right customer after the latest update of Apple iOS 14.5 in which advertisers have to ask for permission before tracking the data of users and most of the users opt-out of that option. These types of features will now help many brands to make a strong association with their customers so that businesses will not only get accurate data from the right customers but also, they can get the honest review of customers through direct messages.
Facebook has published the data of users where it has successfully gained the trust of 70% of users that enabled this latest messaging feature with login, this will increase the association of users with brands up to a great extent. The percentage of response rate has also increased more than public ads through messenger because it was not possible to get a strong connection through a normal login. However, users need to be careful while making a connection because, junking the inbox of users is more disturbing than public ads, therefore, the feature can be used in a wrong way too, but if this latest feature is used with a mindset of attracting a lot of customers, this specific process can increase the reputation of the business and can even increase the sales of brands.

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