With millions of people trying to seek more privacy and less annoyance on mobile devices, the use of Ad blocking tools is growing

With the ongoing tussle carried by the Social Media giant Facebook and technology giant Apple against the benefits and harms caused by the online advertising campaigns, a large number of users have decided to completely step aside themselves from this conflict by blocking these advertisements completely from their screens. Ad blocking Software like web browsers are witnessing a rise in use of these software more specifically on the mobile phones, as concluded by a study that was published on Monday.

The statistic number of people that are using ad blocker software has remained constantly levelled on personal computers with almost 257 million people taking these services monthly by the end of last year, 2020. However it is a completely different story for mobile devices where the rate of using ad blockers is increasing with a higher level and doubling the figure for the last five years as it went from 282 million users to 586 million users by the end of 2020. Which is according to the latest Page Fair Adblock report from the advertisement tech firm BlockThrough, a 10% increase this year.

A survey was also funded by the same tech firm, Blockthrough. This survey was of 5423 Americans sharing their opinion on these online advertisements. The conclusion was that almost 40% of these US adults were using an ad blocker which was more than twice as compared to what publishers often report related to these ad blocking Software detection. According to the study, "67 percent of US Internet users think that the quality of advertising on the web has either declined or stayed the same in recent years".

The main reason behind the blocking ads is to avoid any sort of interruption that annoys the users. 81% of those who took part in survey agreed on this reason. 62% said that it was done to protect the system from malware and 58% did this because of privacy concerns.

When it comes to the most popular adblockers in the US AdBlock leads the chart 50% market share, while Adblock Plus is standing 25% and AdGuard at 19% market share,
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