With the help of Nielsen research, Snapchat has analyzed it’s reach of Television viewers

The tradition for younger kids sticking up with Television is about to end. Now, the young viewers are more attracted towards watching YouTube videos or giving compliments to TikTok clips , keeping themselves updated with Instagram and through Snapchat’s snap. This statement does not need any proof for verification and most of the parents know this. In order to show the actual viewing data and the current trending topics to catch-up with younger viewers, Snapchat is planning out to provide an insight with the latest research report. Recently Snapchat asked the American data and measurement firm, Nielsen, to analyze how more than thirty cross platform advertisement campaigns were able to reach users on Snapchat as compared to television and how marketers can learn from these findings.

With respect to percentage, the report showed that 64% of the younger Snapchat users that were reached don’t watch Television. This is why according to Nielsen out of ten snapchatters in United States, six of them are found to be Light TV viewers, the Snapchatters are also expected to live in homes with broadband connection. This is how Snapchat was able to reach 71% of the Gen Z while television couldn’t.

It is a fact that if someone wants to reach out to younger audience then Television will not be affective for this because these younger users keeps going up. This can actually provide opportunities to reach the audience through right platforms. Platforms where the Gen Z is more engaged which includes specific social media platforms for audience. Through these platforms, targeted advertisements can be used to get connected with the right type of people for the ongoing advertising campaign.

While using the Nielsen NPOWER, Snapchat tried to show who the light TV viewers in the United States are and reported that Light TV viewers are more likely to be those with higher income with higher education while having their own streaming devices. These light viewers are more like to be the first to try on latest tech gadgets and would change their brands to experience variety. And as mentioned above, they’ll be in broadband only household with larger house holds.

The summary provided at the end of the report said that Nielsen demonstrated the ability Snapchat holds to increase the reach to TV campaigns for advertisers in United States and reaching out to both Light TV viewers and Gen Z contributed in this ability as well. This is why using televisions for advertising campaigns is not enough to reach out the younger audience and for this purpose, Snapchat has the high ground to help advertising companies with this.
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