The survey report says that half of the iOS users responding to App Tracking Transparency prompts, have opted-in for tracking

When the latest update of iOS 14.5 launched this Monday, it included various new functions like now the iPhone users can allow or restrict the advertisers to track their data and wearing face-mask iPhone users can unlock their mobile by having an unlocked Apple Watch. The face mask blocks the Face ID from getting the unabsorbed view of the users’ face demanding the use of the users’ pin-code to unlock the mobile. There are a variety of features in the latest update such as an extra voice option for Siri, and extra emoji at your fingerprints, the main changes that were made in this recent update is Apple cares about the privacy of its users therefore it introduced ATT (App Tracking Transparency) feature in which the user can opt-in to give the permission to advertisers to continue tracking for the purpose of sending personalized ads as many businesses run on such personalized ads according to the statement of Facebook.

Users can also choose a specific third-party app to stop tracking them as they travel across other apps and via the internet. According to a survey report, more than half of the users responding to ATT prompt have opted-in to getting tracked. Researches have projected that 1/3 of the iPhone users will choose to permit tracking; the latest data coming in from firm Appfigures states that this number is greater than it was anticipated in the early going. Only ten thousand apps have allowed ATT so far and have been spreading the prompts that give users the facility to opt-in to getting tracked or opt-out. The Appfigures tweeted that thousands of iOS users are already using ATT, and one-fourth of those are games. As per the data of Appfigures, almost 25% of the apps that have been pushing out the ATT notification are games apps and over 6% of apps are utility apps, the firm says that it is not astonishing to see that apps are turning it on right away rather than preventing to track the data of users.

According to this survey, if we check the results from those who have received the ATT prompt, almost 47% of the users are choosing the third-party apps to track their data, and 23.1% of users opted-in tracking while 26% demanded that they no longer be tracked. The firm says that most of the companies have not refined the copy-written for the pre-prompt which they can send to the users’ screen with some limitations. Some screenshots which are showed by Appfigures says that DunkinDonuts is trying hard to get the users to opt-in by informing the users that their tracked data will only be recycled in the personalized ads. This is an area where the companies should try their best to persuade the users to choose to allow tracking options, but it needs to be done by staying within the limits that Apple has created.

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