Study Proves Google As The Ultimate King of The Local Review Economy

Like always, Google has once again become the first choice of users but this time it is for being the top review site all around the US in terms of traffic and review volume as well.

The results broke out via a new report prepared by BirdEye that is based on analyzing data related to customers online and an in-depth review shows that the reviews gap has also increased.

67% of the reviews related to products or services are being hosted on Google (including the local guides being instrumental). On the other hand, Yelp has only 2% reviews, whereas Facebook stands with 7%. But more surprisingly, the report also shows that the average ratings on Google are higher than on any other platform.

Breaking down the figures further, the average rating on non-Google review platforms stands at 3.7, but on Google, it’s 4.5. The difference can be because of Google's limited review policies and also higher chances of review fraud taking place on the site as compared to Facebook or Yelp.

Fortunately for the users, the result of the report has also presented the fact that reviews, despite being shorter now, have 78% of them based on text instead of just a star rating.

More Takeaways:

The report also includes more additional data like solicitation tactics (i.e., email vs. SMS) as it shows that 45% of review requests have come through the SMS.

Businesses are less responsive with the majority of them replying to only 30% of the reviews. They spend a lot of money and do a great effort to get the reviews but don’t bother to respond a lot.

Overall, Google dominates the local "review economy” considering how it offers ease to all the parties involved (buyers and sellers). However, this still is not a good sign for the ecosystem.

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