Starting from 2022, Google Play Store wants developers to be more transparent when it comes to collecting users data

There are around 3 million apps available on Google Play Store and according to current data, thousands of apps are added to Google Play Store every month. As the Play Store has a large number of applications and users, therefore, it has decided to require the privacy information of the users that the application and their developers usually collects, just like in iOS developers have to declare the privacy data in the App Store. From the next year, Google will first show the complete details about what kind of data Google collects as well as other data about the confidentiality and security performance, and in what cases it uses such private data of users. This will help the users to build more trust in Play Store.

Google has also made this requirement after a few months of Apple started showing similar privacy information in the App Store, and the policy of Apple covers its own developed apps and other apps from third-party developers. The same way Google said that its first-party apps will also be required to provide the data. “The aim of this creativity is ensure people about the information an app gathers or shares and if the data is protected, and additional details that influence confidentiality and security”, the section will also help the user to understand what portion of the data an app uses like location, email address, etc. Google said that it also wants to let developers give the background to explain how it is recycled and what it has meant for the capability of their apps.

Google explained that in the second quarter, it will pass through the pre-announcement phase, in the third quarter of this year, this policy will be available on Play Store, and in the fourth quarter developers can start declaring the data in the Google Play Store, from the first quarter of next year the users will start seeing the option on Google Play, and the second quarter of 2022 will be the last deadline for all the developers of latest and existing apps to show the privacy information.

Google has said that the apps will also give the complete details of whether the data is encoded and whether they fulfill the rules of Google around app aimed at children, and whether the users can withdraw from data sharing. These information will also show that whether the third-party app developer has a verified and safer section so that the privacy of users cannot be leaked and if the users ask them to delete their information. Google has said that more information on the new procedures will reach in the second quarter of the next year.

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