Apple Releases Software to Facilitate People With Disabilities

Apple has been widely known for adding features to its products that are meant to make it so that people who are currently living with disabilities can have somewhat of an easier time figuring out how they can go about using these products in the first place. A host of new software features that Apple is adding will further them in this initiative, with the SignTime software in particular being something that deaf people especially will be able to derive quite a bit of value from and it is the first major software of its kind if you think about it.

The main purpose of this software is to allow customers who are deaf to contact Apple Care that would enable them to gain a remote connection to various sign language interpreters. One major benefit of this that we can think of is that people who are hard of hearing would no longer need to think about booking an interpreter ahead of time. Instead, they can just focus on getting the care they need in a highly efficient as well as intuitive manner.

People that use Apple Watch will also be getting some unique features. One such feature is that of Assistive Touch which is focused on people who might not have a great deal of mobility in their upper body limbs. It can be difficult for such people to interface or even use an Apple Watch with any degree of ease right now, so the fact that this software will help users receive calls as well as perform a variety of other basic functions through their Apple Watch despite not having full upper limb mobility will contribute quite a bit to their integration into society. More companies need to work on accessibility features such as this so that people with disabilities can live easier lives.

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