Reddit has introduced a bunch load of features to improve user experience and make it a safe place for everyone

Reddit is a forum that hosts discussions on different topics and claims to be the front page of the internet. It a network where news related to social media is released and different types of web content is rated by its community members. The platform is now allowing its users to have control over their settings and manage their followers. This feature is to launch in May.

According to the description which Reddit has provided, when the users of the site will visit their profiles, there will a link below their description and upon clicking on that link a list presenting the number of followers will be showed to them. The list can also take them to another list where followers can be showed in order from the newest to the oldest. From there they can block someone, message them, follow them back or visit their profile. Reddit is known to be a site that actually takes user feedback to actions. Based on a feedback, the company has added another motion to the blocking feature where if a person is blocked, they will not be able to see who follows the account from they got blocked and will also be removed from the followers list of that user’s account.

The site has introduced a feature for its Reddit Premium members that is still up for testing. The feature is a closet for their avatar to dress up in! Reddit when announcing this in a blog post said that it will be interesting to see if Reddit Premium members are interested in using their favorite ski pants or Santa hat all summer long and that this feature will let the Reddit users to save up to 50 items in their closet. Due to this the avatar builder is getting an update and this will be rolling out soon in a few weeks.

Along with this, the site is working more onto improving their overall appearance and has added several features for avatars which include Earth Day t-shirts and spring gear. This however is only for Reddit premium users too. A feature that has gotten everyone excited is that new users of the site can now start communities! Communities on the site are basically groups where discussions related to things occur in which people of the group are collectively interested in.

Reddit has also fixed many bugs on its site and has even released a blog post explaining all the updates the channel will be getting this year.

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