People should get Coronavirus vaccine and wear face masks, suggests a new Doodle from Google

For the sake of spreading awareness, Google Doodle has released a new animated graphic. The new one featured Covid-19 vaccines and masks and is being displayed in India, Canada, the United States, Pakistan, the United Kingdom and several other countries.

The devastating rise in the coronavirus cases has left everyone in shock. Specially the ongoing situation in India is terrifying people. Amid a huge increase in coronavirus infections, Google created a Doodle specifically on Saturday to encourage people understand the importance of following Standard operating procedure (SOPs) and getting vaccinated.

The new Google Doodle is displayed on home page of the web browser with animation patterns to attract the public's interest. The new Google logo comes as several countries are preparing to launch the COVID-19 vaccination campaign for people aged 18 and plus.

Once the Doodle is clicked by any user, they will be guided to search results for the word COVID vaccine.

The whole purpose of this new Doodle creation is to urge people to get done with vaccination before. Health care workers has been emphasizing the importance of vaccination and how it will help to control the cases and spread of the virus.

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