Mobile Applications have been reported to grow up by 31% in the first quadrant of 2021

The yearly report of the global marketing analytic firm, Adjust, is finally out. In light of the report based on the trending mobile apps, the growth rate of mobile applications is still going on all over the world in 2021. In the previous year, these figures went up by 50% across the year over year. And yet again in the 1st quarter of the current year, applications installed have been found to be up by 31% in year over year and an additional 4.5% increase has also been reported which went straight up by up to 30% percent previous year for active sessions.

The report was constructed after tracking the dataset of the apps belonging to variety of sections such as the crossover of finance with technology or online businesses and even the trending eSports. A complete analysis took place for the extended run for downloads, application period as well as the reserved and reattribution rate in global market. On of the main advantage of such insight data is mainly for the creators of the app as well as those involved in advertising these applications through which they can have better understanding with the financial condition of the application state and users involved with it.

But now, in the upcoming time, things are about to be shaken because of the incoming iOS 14.5 update which according to Apple, will be imposing some new privacy laws on the applications installed and as a result these app developers may no longer be able to get an access to this inside information. These new implementations are expected to increase competition in mobile market.

However the good news is that the new iOS update will not be restricting the personal data collected being used , fully ,because the main goal behind this new update is to direct the developers focus more on finding new ways based on encounter the user had and information being driven. These new changes will be playing a very important role in building up trust for the applications through personalized campaigns and user engagement. Reaching out and collecting data with such imposed restrictions will not be an easy job but the bright side is that it will lead the companies to have more creative idea.

According to the views expressed by the Chief Executive Officer as well as the Cofounder of this analytical firm, Paul H Mauller stated that an immense growth has been faced in the current year by app economy. This growth is possible because of the fact that people are now realizing the advantages they can get through their cell phone in their everyday life. He added that reaching out to their users is not the only potential these marketing companies of mobile applications posses but the competition has also reached its peak . And with iOS closing in, a new time is about to find its way, the enhancement of market to get familiarize with the user behavior is also necessary.

The upcoming era will be interesting because of the changes about to happen as updated security and privacy guidelines will be getting implemented by the tech giant to give its users a more secure experience.

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