Microsoft Teams is working on a feature that can automatically record meetings

Lacking essential details in a Microsoft Teams meeting could be a thing of past appreciation to a new addition to the platform. Through the Microsoft Teams discussion board, Groups Engineering has informed a user that Microsoft is engaged in the mechanically recording conferences. This new addition was first pointed out by Windows Latest; Microsoft Team will soon receive a highly requested feature that for no reason at all exists yet. For Instance, Zoom has gained much popularity especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when people have to work from home, attending their lectures, and most of the offices’ meetings are conducted on Zoom due to the reason that this app offers a feature to record meetings which you can retrieve later when needed but unfortunately, Microsoft does not even have that feature even though it has the latest technology.

The video conferencing service will provide support to automatically record meetings of all Microsoft Teams at the beginning of a call for the very first time as this crucial feature was absent for a long time. This feature will be launched for Windows and macOS platforms and will see how Microsoft Teams compete with Zoom (one of the most famous apps for meetings). The Windows Latest writes that it would be the best idea for educational institutes, where they can record their meetings automatically and the point to be noted in the Microsoft Team forum is that this request was made 3 years ago in September 2018. It was requested in such a way that the meetings should be recorded, and it should have the feature when organizing the meeting to start recording automatically. This feature would help a lot not to neglecting to start the recordings of meetings and it will also keep some time and effort not having to remember to do it by hand.

This new feature has evidently been in the experiment for a while and Microsoft has also said that the meeting participants will see a warning presented at the beginning of the call to alert them that the meeting is being recorded, and with the recording set to be accessible to download and listen back to after the call has finished. Microsoft has not confirmed the releasing data for this new feature; however, everybody knows that Microsoft usually introduces new additions to Teams at the start of each month so users may not have to wait for a long period. Microsoft Team will also provide a summary of all the happening during the meeting that will allow those who missed the call and want to revisit a particular area to catch up.

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