Google Has Launched Its Google Assistant Feature to A Larger Audience

Google is one of the most well known tech giants in the world, the tech giant has manage to launch several applications including Maps, Drive, Photos each of which serves its own purpose and has its own unique feature. The tech giant understands that millions of people have these applications downloaded on their phones and a large amount of audience relies on its features and therefore the company works day in and out in order to provide the public with new and updated tools and features to keep the uniqueness of each application intact and the technology of it up to the demands of the advancing world.

Among the changes that have been brought about in all the Google Application, the most recent one has got to be in Google Maps.

The Google Maps application has several features where it guides people which ways to take or where they can find a restaurant according to their liking, as well as provide a list of places near the area you are standing etc. However, while there was always a built in voice in your Google Maps to guide you your way there was never an Assistant feature to which you can communicate.

Google realized that and got onto building an Assistant feature on Google Maps. The feature was initially released for very few devices supporting Maps because the company was testing this new feature to see what improvements could be made.

However, things look great now as the company has planned one expanding the feature to more users. The Google Assistant option is really unique and will allow users to directly access the feature from the navigation mode and the Assistant icon will appear on the bottom left side of the app. Apart from this, the new feature also offers a new way to voice-control the app and being introduced in a separate pop-up screen.

When you enable Google Assistant, during the interaction with it the feature may also present you with a list of suggested commands which will make it easier for you to know what queries can the feature help you with.

In case you have receive the feature for Google Assistant and want to enable it all you will have to do is open Google Maps and select a point on the map then build the route to the selected point and choose the car option. Lastly, start the route and see if the Google Assistant icon will appear.

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