Good News for creators, YouTube is all set to update its terms of service

YouTube has been working to change its terms of service that allows them to monetize the video by inserting ads alongside the videos. All the content available on YouTube from the channels that are not protect by partner program will get monetized.

All the content creators that have not signed up their partner program will need to include videos chosen by YouTube. Only YouTube will get monetized, the creators will not get any benefit from these videos. These videos will not generate any revenue for the channel owners.

Although, the criteria for joining YouTube partner program is to have more than 1000 subscribers and 4000 public watch hours. Any channel that can fulfill these requirements is eligible to become a part of YouTube partner program.

It is the YouTube policy that every channel owner accepted, the platform has all the rights to monetize the content either by adding videos alongside the content or asking the creator to pay them. No content creator is entitled to any payment during this agreement.
"Facial recognition restrictions: The Terms of Service already state that you cannot collect any information that might identify a person without their permission. While this has always included facial recognition information, the new Terms make that explicitly clear.", explained YouTube in an email campions to its users and creators.
According to the new terms of services implementing on June 1st, any content creator eligible of getting payment under any agreement be it Super Chat, YouTube partner program, or channel membership, it will be considered as extra revenue. As per the changed terms of services, Google is permitted to cut off payments from such agreements.

These revised terms of services are already implemented in the United States in 2020 and now YouTube is focusing to expand these services across other capitals. The analysts discovered that the increasing income is causing such changes in terms of services. As reported, in the first quarter of 2021, Alphabet made $6 billion from the sales of YouTube advertisements. It is worth mentioning that biggest international brands like Calvin Klein, Taco Bell, and Kellogg's gained huge audience through advertisements on YouTube.

The reason behind such rapid growth is being put forward by Google's senior vice president and chief business officer, Philipp Schindler. According to him, the traditional methods of gaining audience is no longer beneficial. Advertisers are turning towards YouTube to catch viewers they will not be able to find anywhere else. Majority of the audience is in between 18 to 40 age range and relative to television, brands would get to present their product more YouTube than any other platform.

YouTube’s scope cannot be ignored. As reported, more than 2 billion channel owner log into their channel in a month and the watching hours of a single day is more than 1 billion.

YouTube channel having more than a million subscribers are growing tremendously every year and the sponsoring partners who help to monetize their content has been receiving more than 2 billion USD.

However, users are objectifying the updated terms of services as it will become hectic for small scale YouTubers to get their channel monetized. Also, it is not the right time to change the terms of services as Covid-19 has already made earning difficult.

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