Facebook provides advertisers an overview of its Ad review process to make things more clearer

If you are someone that has owned an online business or even worked as social media manager, then you might have felt the need to advertise your business on Facebook as with the growing use of social media it is much easier to reach people and boost sales, today every business big or small is using Facebook to advertise their products and services.

Have you ever faced a situation in which you posted an advertisement on Facebook and its review took a lot of time or it got rejected leaving you wondering about what you did wrong? Well if your answer is ‘yes’ then keep reading because we will explain in detail to you the Facebook ad review system.

This week Facebook published an overview of its ad review system which sadly doesn’t answer as to why the process takes a long time and why the ad gets rejected but will surely help you better understand about how your ad is being assessed and also help you perceive any errors or missteps you may have experienced.

Facebook explained that any ad that goes live is first reviewed by their review system, the ads are not reviewed by humans but are based primarily on automated technology that reviews and applies their advertising policy on millions of ads that runs daily on Facebook, these evaluation systems are built and trained by professionals at Facebook. The ads are assessed by automated technology unless there is a specific reason for them to be assessed by Facebook professionals.

The tech giant in the overview said that an ad review is usually completed within 24 hours or less but sometimes the ad can also be re reviewed. The first review is usually completely automated whereas a re-review is done manually by professionals, however Facebook said that they are working towards making this process completely automated.

In the overview Facebook also mentioned that whenever a new policy is launched it takes time for their trained professionals and automated technology to learn about how to accurately enforce the new policy on advertisements, which could probably be one of the reasons behind your ads are being delayed or rejected.

If you are tired of your ads getting delayed and rejected, then reading Facebook’s advertising policies and community standards can help you understand the system better.

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