Facebook is Planning on Launching a Quest Pro, However It Is Still Under Planning

Facebook is one of the most well-known tech giants in the world and apart from its main social media apps and a few other acquired ones, the tech giant has managed to launch some really great VR products as well. However, when Facebook killed of its Rift S headset without any heads up and left the standalone Quest 2 as its only current VR product people started believing that the company certainly does not care about its high-end PC VR headsets. The Quest 2 users though were happy using their device which allowed them to wirelessly stream VR from gaming PCs with the help of the company’s own launched AirLink.

However, the company proved all those thoughts wrong and cleared that it indeed cared about its virtual reality headsets and has recently announced that it is actually working on a more powerful VR headset, the Quest Pro, according to the Facebook VP Andrew Bosworth and consulting Technical Officer John Carmack.

Mark Zuckerberg, who is the founder of Facebook also made a few comments on what Quest Pro can actually be and what is the company’s main thought behind this creation. The CEO said that Quest Pro is VR technology that is currently in the works of being formed and the company believes it to have a higher-end virtual reality experience. The CEO further stated that though VR experiences can be provided by connecting a headset to a PC but that now according to him is a compromise for the overall VR experience and since the launch of AirLink has proven that wireless VR can work on a consumer-grade headset so Facebook is confident that they can make Quest Pro wireless and more advanced.

On the topic of conversation where he was asked what features will be available in the Quest Pro on which the CEO said that additional sensors and capabilities that could make it useful for activities beyond gaming. This means there is a possibility of built-in eye and face tracking technology to be included in the company’s new launch considering how the tech giant has been talking about this feature for so many years now. With eye tracking, the Quest Pro could tell your computer the exact object you're looking at, which could focus graphical rendering and enable new VR interactions.

While, Face tracking is expected to improve virtual chat apps by directly capturing our mouth movements.

While Quest 2 has been a popular device among the community and people hold a lot of expectations from Quest Pro as well, the company is still working towards its manufacturing and planning about it therefore it still is not known when it will be launching. Hence do not expect it to drop anytime soon.

However, we cannot wait to see how advanced it will be once launched.

Photo: FB

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