Facebook is all set to introduce News creativity test in Canada

Facebook has gathered 14 news publishers of Canada to participate in the test conducted to checkout the innovation in the particular sector.

On the other hand, publishers who are being tested would have to compensate by giving access of the news that they have not published anywhere else on the internet.

Canada’s most promising news publishers will become a part of the News Innovation Test to create a stable news community. The main purpose of conducting this test is to put forward effort in maintaining a sustainable news culture that promotes credible news and for new users on Facebook it is important to reflect a healthy experience.

The deal is nor over yet, in return news authors will be given money to exchange some valuable news with Facebook team that have not gone public through any other source. In this way, Facebook will be provided a chance to try out innovative methods to improve the overall quality of the reliable Canadian news for their users.

Additionally, regional and global news should be present on their respective places on Facebook. Lets say any news related to Coronavirus or climate must be allocated to Climate Science Information Center and the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information Center on the platforms.

BlogTO, Canada's National Observer, The Coast, La Coopérative Nationale de L'information Indépendante, Daily Hive, Le Devoir, Discourse Media, FP Newspapers, Narcity, The Narwhal, SaltWire Network, The Sprawl, The Tyee, and Village Media are among the 14 publications who have signed up.

Canada’s Facebook international director and CEO of policymaking Kevin Chan and leader of media partnerships Marc Dinsdale stated in their blog that no one can deny the importance of the part played by News Writers and their published news. Supporting people to remain aware and secure is their job. To further improvise the stability of journalism, Facebook is trying to add value to it and significantly raise unrepresented viewpoints.

Along with the News Innovation Test, Facebook is also financing $8 million throughout the coming three years. They will be raising money with organizations such as the Facebook-Canadian Press News Foundation and the BIPOC Media Growth Program. This ideal collaboration will support news publishers to establish strong and competitive strategies in the future.

Facebook further claimed to support journalists in creating high quality content to provide their users with the greatest possible service. According to them, they will keep on listening to their users and remarks to build a healthy community.

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