Epic Games Yet Again Drives Apple to Court Claiming Apple Has Created a Walled Garden

Epic Games and Apple both have been on a one on one battle for a few months now. The trial started this Monday and is currently taking place and is expected to last three weeks. Both the lawyers for both the companies presented their opening statements on Monday on the first day of the trial.

Previously Epic Games put in two claims against Apple in the trial. First that Apple takes a huge sum of revenue from the applications as an App Store Fee and secondly they have developed a software which locks in their customers and prevents them from switching to other mobile companies.

Epic Games in the trial have argued to force Apple to open up iPhone software distribution so it could use its own payment processor, bypassing Apple’s customary 30% fee on digital goods and through this it can also allow Epic Games to offer its own app store for iPhones.

However, Apple fought back in their part of trial and said that App Store is their development and they get to set the rules. According to the company the rules are to ensure that apps are high quality and secure.

Apple said on this claim that their policies for the App Store has created a vibrant ecosystem with various different applications and due to this iPhone user have an access to 1.8 million different applications to choose from.

Further the company said that that App developers make a huge revenue off their App Store and Epic Games have managed to make $750 million. Therefore, Apple fought back saying that this trial is hardly about the revenue percentage Apple takes from the mobile developers from App Store but more about Epic Games wanting to use off the App Store services for free.

But the main part of the trial revolves around the fact where Epic Games have blamed Apple of creating a “Walled Garden” which simply means that it prevents users from switching users from Apple to other devices and Epic is trying to show how Apple works to lock users into its products, making it more difficult to switch to Android or other platforms.

Though on this Apple said that they do not prevent anything and that users can easily switch to other devices. Furthermore, they said that iOS represents only 2% of malware infections among all computing platforms and therefore people want to stick to Apple themselves rather than switching or opting for Android devices.

On this Epic Games managed to present several previous documents and statements which were released by Apple which strongly backed their claim of Apple creating a walled garden.

One statement which Epic Games presented was where Eddy Cue who is current Apple online services senior vice president, wrote to Apple CEO Tim Cook in 2013 which said that getting customers to use their stores like iTunes, App and Bookstores is their strategy to hook people to their systems.

Another statement which Epic Games presented was where when Apple was asked to launch iMessages on Android, Apple denied and said that introducing iMessages on Android will only encourage Apple parents to buy Android to their children.

All these backed up the claims that were presented by Epic Games.

The trial is currently in process and is expected to last for a few weeks and though both companies are correct in certain aspects and wrong in certain others we cannot wait to see what the final result of the trial will be.


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