Apple has issued a warning to every app developer out there if they try to bribe their users to allow them to track their activities

By this point everyone in the tech world knows how much Apple takes its users’ privacy seriously and how it puts it as its priority when developing something. Apple has finally released its iOS 14.5 to the public and with it the most awaited App Tracking Transparency feature. This feature basically gives users the permission to either opt out or opt in for tracking of their activities by some apps. Apps such as Facebook used this feature to track out their users’ activities even outside the app to figure out which things interest them and then put up ads according to those interests. Not only Facebook, but many other apps will be facing damages because of this as well.

Now, as these apps have to find other ways to track their users. Many app developers are basically bribing their users by offering them rewards if they allow the app to keep a track of their activities. Apple brought an update to its Human Interface Guidelines and has warned the app developers related to this. Apple has said that it will ban or reject any app that will even attempt to pull off something like this. The company is making sure that every app out there understands the seriousness of this feature. Along with this when updating its Human Interface Guidelines, in a new section named ‘Accessing User Data’, Apple has added new information on its design policies which all apps must know when asking their users for their permission on getting access to their personal data, microphone, camera, and also the consent to track them on apps and websites. Apple has informed all app developers that they can’t simply ask their users to grant the apps permission in turn of compensation and they simply cannot allow them to not use their apps if they don’t offer them any sort of permission to track them.

The senior vice president of software at Apple, Craig Federighi, has said in an interview that Apple wanted to make sure that every app developer out there has a clear understanding of the terms that are set by Apple and have also given developers a chance to explain themselves to give a genuine reason for as to why they want to ask their users to track their activities across apps and websites. When replying to a question on why there is a pop up in the new IOS 14.5 saying ‘Ask App Not to Track’ and not ‘Do Not Track’, he said that it is a policy issue for Apple.

Where other social media platforms got highly offended with this privacy update as it will greatly hinder with their app’s earning. Apple users on the other hand were really happy and glad to see that the company cares so much for their users and keeps their privacy a priority.

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